Yohan Esprada - Deephouse, Minimal, Soulful, Underground House for your Inner Soul

Yohan Esprada - Soulful Day Part.2

Chat Noir Records - CNR007

Soulful Day Part2

Another summer coming slowly but surely. What better way to dance and sing on the fine sandy beach. Yohan Esprada is back for the second part of Soulful Day included many remix of different genre. Take advantage of these few minutes of happiness to forget all your problems and let yourself go with the waves. Special thanks to Soulful Meeting in the south of France in particular to Jerk House Connection, Bibi, Rork, Rachel Claudio, Nicolas Vautier, Akram, Greg Gauthier, Wumm, Logan, Loic, Floy, Kik, Yan, Tuxxl, Mikeand Tess, Eric J and many more.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - Soulful Day EP

Chat Noir Records - CNR006

Soulful Day EP

Summer is coming slowly but surely. What better way to dance and sing on the fine sandy beach. Yohan Esprada back on Chat Noir Records accompanied by the voice of Lorena to take you into the universe of magical soulful. Take advantage of these few minutes of happiness to forget all your problems and let yourself go with the waves.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - To the Beats to Paris EP

Chat Noir Records - CNR005

To the Beats To Paris EP

Passion and Love are sensations without which the human being cannot exist. Through these Yohan Esprada Tracks we can feel both a melancholy but also a fusional love for music in all its facets. It's therefore with great pleasure that the Label Chat Noir Records presents to you today these composition straight out of a human being for whom music is everything.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Mademoiselle Lorena - Baiser Sucre EP

Chat Noir Records - CNR004

Baiser Sucre EP

Next up on the Chat Noir Records imprint is Mademoiselle Lorena out of Madagascar. Extra Deep and lush with an old school 90's house type of vibe along with a new age tech feel. Include remixes by Mark Di Meo (Defected/Purple music), Yohan Esprada (I Records/Chat Noir Records), Andrew Chibale (Dutchie Music) and Deepnight Get ready for the French Connection !

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - Sole Fusion EP

Chat Noir Records - CNR003

Sole Fusion EP

Chat Noir Records is back with 2 tracks written by producer Yohan Esprada. Tracks are spiritual, deep and bring us literally into his universe.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - The Truth EP

Chat Noir Records - CNR002

The Truth EP

Chat Noir Records is back with 3 tracks written by producer Yohan Esprada. The EP is a single set that will mix the tracks with each other with ease. All titles were composed in his hometown Le Havre.'For love and Peace from LH'

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - Da Bass EP

Chat Noir Records - CNR001

Da Bass EP

Chat Noir Records glad to present the first release of this new House and DeepHouse label. And for the first, after a long break of several years. Yohan Esprada returns to the front of the stage with this fresh EP 'Da Bass'. Including four house tracks ready for make this summer better with a great Deep remixes by Yan Gordo. Make sure to chart us, the story is begining...

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - Lestac EP

Pumpz Recordings - PUMPZD065

Lestac EP

Yohan Esprada back on the Parisian French label Pumpz Recordings, for a new Deep House release including remixes by Topo and Jordan Alvarez.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource and Junodownload.

Yohan Esprada - Dark River EP

Soul Industries - SIEP053

Dark River EP

The year 2014 has just begun and Yohan Esprada is already back with his new EP on Soul Industries label. After his first album "New Life EP", it's the turn of "Dark River EP" to land on the label of the duo The Messenger including 3 tracks mixing Deep and House from Detroit.

Available Now on Beatport.

Yohan Esprada - Crossroad Of Life EP

Pumpz Recordings - PUMPZD061

Crossroad Of Life EP

The new release from PUMPZ comes from Yohan Esprada, already known for his excellent tracks & remixes and more recently on iRecords. Crossroad Of Life is an Housy / Deep house EP with Rhythm, melody & Groove oriented. Enjoy.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - Nosy Be EP

Vision Collective Rec. - VCRD014

Nosy Be EP

Vision Collective Recordings presents Yohan Esprada - Nosy Be. The original mix is an uptempo house music club track. QuestionmarQ's remix plays with the original and adds a new twist with a reworked vocal sample and added percussion.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and more.

Yohan Esprada - I'm Free At Last

Cabana Recordings - CABREC053

I m Free At Last

Two years ago, Cabana Recordings blessed us with the unmixed "From the Hut (Vol. 1)" compilation, now the time for the second volume. An impressive line-up of artists is featured: label head Justin Imperiale, Punchuashen, Yohan Esprada, and Deuce Concept to name only a few. The compilation is loaded with deep and soulful music from around the globe and features previously unreleased mixes of former releases as well as brand new productions.

Available Now on Traxsource.

Yohan Esprada - Mahajanga EP

Vision Collective Rec. - VCRD013


Vision Collective Recordings present Yohan Esprada - Mahajanga. The Original Mix is club orientated deep house track with a classic underground sound and feel. Mick Verma's Remix utilises elements of the original and adds his own touches to great affect to complete this package.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport and Junodownload.

Yohan Esprada - Raw 56 EP


Raw 56

The classic Deephouse I! Records label is proud to present the frenchman Yohan Esprada and his RAW 56 EP including Deep Time (in collaboration with WUMM), Raw 5 and Raw 6 Tracks.

Available Now on Traxsource and Beatport.

Yohan Esprada - Arome

Lens Media - Side B


Very first Lens Media Music VA Compilation featuring artists like, The Messenger ,HouseRiders ,Big Al ,Moti Brothers ,Jon Sweetname ,Yohan Esprada ,Mild Bang ,Pozzi ,Submantra ,Desos ,Download for Me ,Jon Billick ,Allen Spion and Rishi K.......

Available Now on Beatport.

Yohan Esprada - Red Phone EP

Pole Position Recodings - PPR035

Red Phone EP

The "Red Phone EP" brings together some of Yohan's deepest tracks to date. From the sub bass infused title track, to the more stripped back sounds of "This Night", right through to the down tempo, Jazz lounge influenced "The Waltz Of Paris". New kid on the block Meloder impresses with his remix, before Deepshizzol gives a seriously funky twist. CRAM rounds off the release in style with his up tempo.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource, Juno and more.

Yohan Esprada & Lorena Rich - Phoenix Of Love EP

UM Records - UMR011

Phoenix Of Love EP

Yohan Esprada & Lorena Rich join the UM Records family with their 'Phoenix Of Love' EP. The the two original tracks, Phoenix Of Love' and 'Is Not A Legend' kick the EP off with deep tech attitudes. Remixes come from Dominic Martin and his signature throbbing deep house style, Brame takes us on a classic piano fuelled house journey, and Soul Sway dropping a driving deep house flavour into the mix, aimed at those main room dance floors.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource and more.

The Disclosure Project - Designer Ware Part 2

Disclosure Project Recordings - TDP052C

Designer Ware Part 2

Disclosure Project Recordings proud to present next Designer Ware remixes part including remixes from The Messenger, Florian Cooccer, Yohan Esprada, Alex Etoka and Jesus Pablo

Available Now on Traxsource.

Yohan Esprada - New Life Ep

Soul Industries - SIEP045

New Life EP

We are happy to welcome Yohan Esprada, this is his first EP for Soul Industries. Yohan has worked with many well known artists and has released on numerous fine labels. This talented artist brings You two fresh tracks with excellent club groove and strong athmosphere.

Available Now on Beatport, .

Yohan Esprada - With Wine Ep

Underground Collective - UC028

With Wine EP

Yohan Esprada makes a HUGE comeback to Underground Collective showing his growth in French House Takeover. Time to get DEEP !!!

Available Now on Traxsource.

Yohan Esprada - The Drums Ep

Seta Label - SET070

The Drums EP

SETA LABEL present The Drums EP, the new EP from french producer Yohan Esprada, including remixes by Ilias Katelanos and WUMM. 3 words to describe this EP,sweet, striking and mesmerizing.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource.

Lonya - Bauhouse Remixes

Acryl Music - ACRM046

Bauhouse Remixes

After the Bauhouse original from israeli Lonya Koval, here's the remix package. Canadian Big Al comes along with his trademark groove, piano chords and synths, with his 2nd remix for Acryl Music. Young russian Suel's (Deepology, Deep Nota) interpretation features trippy grooves, enriched with sublime vocal fragments and dark pads while frenchman Yohan Esprada (Underground Collective, Deso Records) lifts up the track to the peaktime of a club night.

Available Now on Beatport.

Yohan Esprada - Palais Royal Ep

Deso Records - DESO015

Palais Royal Ep

Here you got the secend Deso release from Yohan Esprada, both tracks are really strong, pure deepness, we love it, and hope you will do the same. If you do, please remember to play, chart and spread the word.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource and more.

Samson Lewis - In Flat 3

Soulheat Records - SHR051

In Flat 3

1st release of the year for the SoulHeat turf and once again Samson Lewis is under the spot with the first single of his F1rst EP, the track gets a full remix treatment from the soulheat frontmans and French deep house nu talent Yohan Esprada (Underground Collective). "In Flat 3" already gets massive support from non other than MIGUEL MIGS and it's a in a good-old-days house style and all the better for it.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource and more.

Spiritual Blessings feat Jay Rags - Deep Not Deep

Gotta Keep Faith - GFK086

Deep Not Deep

Official release for this tune presented@WMC2009, now with some new amazing remixes. The Project has seen light in 2009 with a driver version during WMC09, now the full package includes the Original one and two slammin' remixes by Spiritual Blessings, and remixes by Gaty Lopez, Mark Di Meo and for the first time on GKF Yohan Esprada. The package includes also an interesting and useful Keypella.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource and more.

Yohan Esprada feat Lorena - L'Ebullition D'Amour Ep

Cabana Records - CAB0034

L'Ebullition D'Amour EP

What a jewel we've got here courtesy of Yohan Esprada and Cabana Records. The old school flavored "L'ebullition d'amour" features sensual vocals of Lorena and glorious keys and chords over a percussively thumpin' groove, altogether creating a mesmeric feel. But it doesn't end here as the remixes by the likes of Justin Imperiale, Aphreme, Soletek, Fiso da Costa, Yal, Logan Dataspirit and Housadiction cover different grounds to let you enjoy this marvelous song in its full glory.

Available Now on Traxsource.

Yohan Esprada - Lost In Time Ep

Next Dimension Music - NDM1258

Lost In Time EP

Back to the fundamental with this classic Deep from Yohan Esprada for Next Dimension Music. "Lost In Time EP" is a sweet Ep with two track, in first you find "Lost In Time (Main Mix)" composed with sensualitity, love and respect for "the drums" ! "YAL is Dope (Main Mix)" is the result of a sulphurous passion. Mixture of sensualism and strength, this sound in the carnal tone is led by love. As a lover which try to seduce you, let the atmosphere of YAL captivated you.


Dj Freddy & Michel Avannier - Urban Traffic Ep

Courtoisie Records - CR007

Urban Traffic EP

Dj Freddy and Michel Avannier with 7 remixes differents de Fred Hush (Rushhour, Plastic city), Master H (Soma, Komplex de Deep), Yohan Esprada (Underground Collective, Tokyo Red Rec.), Natalino Nunes (Freaquenza Rec., G.F Rec.), Vincent Ink (Manuscript), Marcelo Cura (Minoî, Robotronic) and Cedric La Luna (Courtoisie), between deep house and tech house much sexy, are proposed.

Available Now on Traxsource, Junodownload and more.

Yohan Esprada - Rhodes Island Ep

Tokyo Red Recordings - TR060

Rhodes Island Ep

After a very successful release "Try Me EP" topping many charts up to this day. Yohan Esprada come again with a amazing Deep'n Tech package including remixes by Dj Daw, Samson Lewis and Wumm. This ep is already support by THE TIMEWRITER, KID MASSIVE, SOULMINORITY, FABIEN KAMB, QUENTIN HARRIS, TONY HUMPHRIES, NILS NUERNBERG, ANDY WARD, LOVEBIRDS, LLORCA, DANNY SCOTT, AL BRADLEY, SEZER UYSAL, DA FUNK, SOULDYNAMIC and many more ...

Available Now on Beatport, Trasxource, Junodownload and more.

Yohan Esprada - Crème de la Crème Ep

Deso Records - DESO003

Crème de la Crème Ep

Yohan is a well known name in the music business both as a producer and a dj, he is the man behind so many fantastic releases. His last EP "Baiser Sucré EP" broadcasted by Underground Collective is already playlisted by Jon Cutler, Neil Pierce, Marlon D, Marco De Mulero, Dj Rork and others. This sweet Ep including a remix by Steve Lischinsky & Moxy Street.

Available Now on Beatport, Traxsource, Junodownload, itunes and more.

Yohan Esprada feat Lorena - Try Me

Soulheat Records - SHR047

Try Me

Mr. Esprada isn't all that unknown in these house music world, with releases/remixes to his name on Marlon D's Underground Collective making a chart impact on Traxsource so for any fan of pure deep house true talent, this artist is one to check out. "Try Me" specifically, is one of those oldskool deep house tunes made famous by the likes of Kerri Chandler , songs you can close your eyes and just listen to the vocal-laced beauty from Lorena.

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport.

Evren Ulusoy - Sensible Patterns EP

Deso Records - DES0001

Sensible Patterns Ep

The artist that we will like to introduce is Deep House star Evren Ulusoy from Turkey, he's the man behind severel quality releases on labels such as Plastic City, Loco Records and Nulogic, and now on Deso Records ! This release shows that Evren Ulusoy is a producer to keep an eye on, pure quality Deep House! This release comes with two really cool remixe by Yohan Esprada, Yohan is a well known producer from France.

Available Now on Beatport, Junodownload and more.

Maji & Seraj - Dream Lover feat. Kavita

Next Dimension Music - NDM1248

Dream Lover feat Kavita

Maji & Seraj back to NDM with great Deephouse featuring Kavita. Including amazing Yohan Esprada mix, the french house producer.


Dj Daw - Jazzmind Ep

Next Dimension Music - NDM1242

Jazzmind Ep

Deep tech blends with chilled out grooves from DJ DAW as he delivers the Jazzmind EP featuring a driving deep house mix from Yohan Esprada ! Also in this release is a bonus track Beach Cocktail


Andrew Chibale - Apple Martini Remixed

Next Dimension Music - NDM1240

Apple Martini Remixed

Andrew Chibale back to Next Dimension with 3 remixes of her track "Apple Martini". You can find on this package the remixes of Dj Daw, Kev Obrien and the killing french producer Yohan Esprada.


Wumm - Piano Putsch EP

Atomic Soda - ATOMIC003

Piano Putsch Ep

WUMM be back on french Atomic Soda records with Piano Putsch EP, a 4 tech house track included remix by Yohan Esprada from Underground Collective for Piano Putsch and Cleanmoog for AF5755.

Available Now on Junodownload.

Robert Owens - Deep Down

Underground Collective - UC010

Deep Down

A combination of legends who need no introduction come together as friends to create a breathtaking classic. Lets get back to the DEEP !!! Remix by Sean McCabe, DJ Romain, Souldynamic, Smash Hunter, DSF & Dino & Yohan Esprada !

Available Now on Traxsource.

Takaaki Tsuchiya - Feel No Pain

Plaza In Crowd - PIC008

Feel No Pain

TAKAAKI TSUCHIYA, with new track FEEL NO PAIN is original of his sound like massive tech house no one can imitate. And Smashing you floor straightly and get a exciting favors !! Remixer YOHAN ESPRADA the frenchman know from releases on Underground Collective, Acryl Music, Night Drive Music, Deepclass Records and others. He Has made Jet Music make you flowing in the urban air. Check This ! Why not dive into this two guys hearful music.

Available Now on Beatport.

Yohan Esprada - Baiser Sucré EP

Underground Collective - UC008

Baiser Sucre Ep

Underground Collective keeps bringing you the heat with new artists and new sounds this month. Next up on the Underground Collective imprint is Yohan Esprada out of Paris, France. Yohan comes out strong with a classic French Deep house sound. 7 Sizzling tracks , Extra Deep and lush with an old school 90's house type of vibe along with a new age tech feel. Yohan is certainly one to look out for and U.C. records is honored to have him on board. Get ready for the French Connection !.

Available Now on Beatport & Traxsource.

Nestora - Movement

Acryl Music - ACRM032


Nestora, a greek producer and DJ with releases on Support House, Disclosure track on our "In the Night Vol. 2" compilation, with his first solo release on Acryl Music. If you loved Plastic City's old stuff, this is for you ! On the remixes we have Ross Couch, well known for his superb track's on his own Body Rhythm imprint, Bios a newcomer from Hungary and last but not least Yohan Esprada, the frenchman known from releases on Next Dimension, Deep Class and Linda.

Available Now on Beatport,Traxsource & Junodownload.

Yohan Esprada - Let's Work Ep

Linda Records - linr014


Yohan Esprada start a new story on Linda Records with "Let's Work Ep". A Deephouse packtage with 3 tracks I feel That, Let's Work and Remember 95 already playlisted by many Dj.

Available Now on Beatport

Logan Dataspirit - Second Tier

Soulheat Records - shr037b


Brand nu promo for the soulheat camp, with ur deeper and deepest release to date from french producer Logan Dataspirit, as usual plenty mixes to choose from the deep flavoured Wumm and Yohan Esprada Lpr mixes, more upfront housy mixes from JedSet, Alan Mean to sweet soulfuled flava from Serious Man and Dj Floy

Available Now on Traxsource, Beatport.

Yohan Esprada - Find Me

Deepclass Records - dcre045


Artists such, Yohan Sprada, David Velez, Hector Couto, Denny Trajkov, Tomy Wahl, Seaside Project, Alex Kentucky, Sound Solutions, Qj and David Herrero bring us "Delicious Frequence", a special deep feeling selection, an album containing 10 original amazing tracks with sexy pads, steamy atmospheres and suggestive moods makes it a must have for anybody looking for pleasure with deep music. Contain a a dj mix by Jimmy & Fer Ferrari.

Available Now on Beatport, Junodownload, Traxsource.

Agent Matteo - Summers Gone

Next Dimension Music - ndm1211


As the seasons change we reminisce on memories of yesterday, Agent Matteo takes you on a journey of the soul featuring remixes from Andrew Chibale, Cooccer, DiscaL, Logic Fusion Orkestra, Yohan Esprada, Tomi Chair and Skyler plus a bonus track availble now ....


Skyler - Orange Mode

Next Dimension Music - ndm1206


Skyler serves up sweet morsels of tangy House grooves on Orange Mode with remixes from Maji & Seraj, Alpine Son, Yohan Esprada and Homegroove Project.


Yohan Esprada - Sly

Next Dimension Music - ndm1203


Summer vibes continue as Yohan Esprada from France delivers Sly; deep and teched out groovy delights featuring remixes from Andrew Chibale,Mastercris, Seraj, Eric J, Logan Dataspirit and Raxon


Yohan Esprada - 2T3M

Next Dimension Music - ndm1200


It has been said that success is found, not at the destination but along the journey, we agree. This stop, "200"; the past, the present, the future-it's all right here. next dimension music's 200th release is a hand-picked compilation of the journey's core atomic grooves. We've transcended space and time to bring you sheer, intergalactic artistic genius. From shifting Mercurial sounds to centered Earthly rhythms, from lunar grooves to groundbreaking beats and all stops between and beyond.


Cooccer - Fly With Me

Next Dimension Music - ndm1199

Fly With Me

Cooccer from Germany takes flight... Soaring deep into the stratosphere with Fly With Me featuring remixes from Andrew Chibale, Onur Ozman, Yohan Esprada, Judea Stonez


Sami Dee - Just Believe

Deepsound Records - DSR020

Just Believe

Sami Dee is not only known throughout France, including his home base of Paris, where he has thrilled numerous dancefloors, including at such clubs as 287, Red Light, Rex, les Bains, Queen, and the Mix, but also around the globe, in such cities as Montréal (Stereo, Circus, Beach Club), Miami, London, Prague, Warsaw, Geneva, Zürich, Algiers, and Florence. Another key stop in his vast career was at the legendary Red Zone in New York City.

Available Now on Beatport, Junodownload, Dj Download & Beatdigital

Mastercris - 300Km

Next Dimension Music - ndm1198


Portuguese native Mastercris… Accelerates into deep orbit with his latest turbo charged release ! Featuring remixes from Andrew Chibale, Onur Ozman and Yohan Esprada


Audio Noir - Atmospherics

Next Dimension Music - ndm1197


Surround yourself with orbital and ethereal sounds from Audio Noir featuring sublime versions from Agent Matteo, Andrew Chibale, Yohan Esprada, Judea Stonez and Homegroove Project.


Yohan Esprada - Gleam Of SPirit 2 Ep

Next Dimension Music - ndm1196

Gleam Of Spirit 2

Yohan Esprada returns with Gleam Of Spirit 2, A reincarnation of deep tech groovers with remixes from Onur Ozman and Andrew Chibale taking the sound other realms.


Maji & Seraj - Matador

Next Dimension Music - ndm1195


Maji & Seraj return as they run with the bulls with their follow up single Matador. Latin style percussion infused with a sensuous piano and a heartfelt trumpet that will make the crowds roar in anticipation of this release featuring remixes from Logic Fusion Orkestra, Onur Ozman, Skyler and Yohan Esprada.


Escada 0.1 Music

Escada Music - ESC048

Escada 0.1 Music

I have the great pleasure to present a compilation of the label Escada Music (Label Nikola Gala). Includes tracks by James Solid, LEO, Nikola Gala, Sebastian Cariaga, Steve Mill, Timo Camillo, Vas Floyd and Yohan Esprada. As well as remixes by Jon Silva, Spirit Catcher, Steve Mill and Scope

Available Now on Beatport

Logic Fusion Orkestra - Afrodiziak

Next Dimension Music - ndm1191


Afrodiziak is enhanced dancefloor desire and pleasure produced by Logic Fusion Orkestra from Greece. This release features amorous remixes from Agent Matteo, Andrew Chibale, Maji & Seraj, Yohan Esprada and Audio Noir


Onur Ozman - Curtain Flow Ep

Next Dimension Music - ndm1190

Curtain Flow Ep

Onur Ozman flows deep with sensually unspoken, sexy grooves featuring remixes by Andrew Chibale, Judea Stonez, Agent Matteo, Moody Groova, Yohan Esprada.


Agent Matteo - Gone Too Soon

Next Dimension Music - ndm1187

Gone Too Soon

Agent Matteo returns as Gone Too Soon gets remix treatment from Andrew Chibale, Onur Ozman, Yohan Esprada, Homegroove Project, Vlad Caia, Judea Stonez, Jimmy & Fer Ferrai, Audio Noir and Logic Fusion Orkestra. Explore the realms of Deep House with just the right ingredients for your mix set !!


Vlad Caia - Al Doilea: Remixed

Next Dimension Music - ndm1184

Al Doilea: Remixed

Vlad Caia serves up dope groovy deepness featuring blazing remixes from Agent Matteo, Andrew Chibale, Audio Noir, Mastercris, Logic Fusion Orkestra, Atos Locos and Yohan Esprada


Deep Collection 03

Next Dimension Music - NDMC06

Deep Collection 03

A Deephouse compilation with 8 tracks of Next Dimension music Family, including Yohan Esprada - Rhodes Melody's (Andrew Chibale Mix)


Yohan Esprada - Twenty 6 Ep

DeepSound Records - DSR012

Twenty 6 Ep

Yohan Esprada joins the DeepSound Music family with “Twenty 6”, a Deephouse three track Ep. Mixing different variants of the deephouse “Twenty 6” will be essential for a festive and groovy mixset. Yohan Esprada know for this remix of Agent Matteo, Daniel Kyo, Vlad Caia, Onur Ozman … Don’t Wait! Enjoy!!

Available Now on Beatport, Juno, Dj Download & Beatsdigital

Daniel Kyo - Silvered: Remixed

Next Dimension Music - ndm1174

Silvered: Remixed

Daniel Kyo returns to next dimension music as Silvered gets the remix treatment featuring 4 variations from the deep house lounge to gritty electro. Just the right ingredients for any mixset !! Including Yohan Esprada Mix


Logan Dataspirit - Rainbow Bridge Ep

202 Digital - 202D 030

Rainbow Bridge Ep

Rainbow Bridge is a chillout track released on the Washington-based 202 Digital label. The EP features one electro remix as well as a deep mix provided by French producer Yohan Esprada (Next Dimension Music).



Yohan Esprada - Gleam Of Spirit Ep

Next Dimension Music - ndm1154

Gleam Of Spirit Ep

First Ep For Yohan Esprada on the Label Next Dimension Music, Gleam Of Spirit EP incorporates 4 tracks, Gleam Of Spirit, Swing With harmony, I Don't Need You and Open The Dark. These 4 tracks give a clear vision of what the House for Yohan Esprada. One side deephouse for "Gleam Of spirit" and "Swing With Harmony" and Minimal for "I Don't Need You" and "Open and The Dark". You can listen to all the Ep on Beatport, Traxsource, Juno and all major digital stores.


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